Resilience & Safety

CCP Podcast #12 – Improving Tactics, Training and Thinking

In this episode, I interview "The Tactical Philosopher," Lou Hayes Jr. Lou is a police detective, a member of the Virtus Group, and has been a

Solving The Mystery of “Active Killers”

Why would a young man arm himself with a gun or knife, go to an unprotected area full of defenseless strangers, and try to kill

Fitness & Health

CCP Podcast #7 – Parkour Strength Training

In this episode, I talk to Ben Musholt, a martial artist, parkour coach, and co-author of the new book, “Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for

Arts & Entertainment

“Limitless” Gives Worst Self-Defense Advice Ever

I enjoy the TV show, "Limitless." Like the movie for which it is a spinoff, the show follows the adventures of a regular guy who,

CCP Podcast #10 – “Range 15” And The Veteran-Civilian Divide

In this episode, I chat with Anthony Curtis, an Army combat veteran who served in Iraq, about the veteran-produced zombie comedy, "Range 15." As it