Have you ever glimpsed the world as it truly is? Perhaps it was a moment of profound heartbreak. Perhaps it was suddenly, unexpectedly, becoming drunk on beauty. Perhaps it was the words of a song that suddenly lifted the blinders…

Master Your Mind

There is a single point at which the fields of psychology, neuroscience, Eastern spirituality, and martial arts converge. In neuroscience, it is called “conditioned reflex.” In psychology, it is “unconscious competence.” In meditative traditions (especially Zen Buddhism), it is called…

SWAT Commander’s Advice On Holsters

The quantity and variety of holsters that are available today can be overwhelming, so I asked my friend David, a SWAT commander, to talk about what he’s found works well for concealed, off-duty carry over the course of his two-decade law enforcement career. Although this video is intended to provide a fairly basic level of information, more experienced folks will likely find it of interest as well.

Topics Discussed

– Pocket carry & pocket holsters
– Ankle holsters
– Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holsters
– Holster position on the body
– Belt-slide (pancake) holsters
– Small of the Back holsters
– Importance of practice
– Importance of personal preference
– Importance of context & application

One of my favorite parts of this video actually had nothing to do with holsters. David digressed from the topic into a discussion of whether a civilian should even take action in the event of a threat, such as an active shooter. He raised a lot of great questions that are rarely discussed.

Responding To Street Encounters

When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, knowing WHEN to respond is just as important as knowing HOW to respond. You can’t beat up or shoot everybody who asks you for directions, but you also can’t put yourself at risk by being overly polite. In this brief video, I confront Matt Robinson, a highly trained Krav Maga instructor, with several common scenarios, ranging from somebody asking directions to an armed robbery. Matt demonstrates how and why he would respond to the various situations.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a DEMONSTRATION, not a tutorial. As Matt explains, there are legal implications to any self-defense encounter, and the opinions presented in this video are NOT intended to be advice. You should always train with a qualified instructor and make your own decisions about how to respond to potentially dangerous situations. For more information on Matt, visit his training center website.

SWAT Commander’s Advice On Selecting A Handgun

I read a lot of information on guns, but it still seems like the best information I get comes from personal conversations with knowledgeable people. Since I am probably not alone in this experience, I asked my friend David, a SWAT commander, to talk with me on video about some of the basic considerations associated with selecting a handgun for concealed carry.

One of the great things about David is that he is able to present information in a very engaging, understandable way, without the macho posturing or condescending attitude that you sometimes see in gun-related videos.

Although this discussion was intended for people who are more or less new to the idea of concealed carry, there’s a lot of great information that would be of benefit to more experienced folks as well.

Topics Discussed

– Fitting a gun to your body type
– Things to watch out for with gun shop employees
– Revolver vs. Semi-auto: aesthetics, capacity, reliability, simplicity
– Hammerless vs. external hammer
– Trigger pull & single/double action
– External safeties on semi-autos
– Clearing malfunctions in critical situations
– Being honest about how much you’ll train
– Ammunition selection for practice vs. home defense vs. carry

Krav Maga Defenses Against Knife Attacks

The idea of somebody jumping out at you with a knife is very scary. I asked my friend Matt, a highly qualified Krav Maga instructor, to demonstrate the traditional Krav Maga defense against a knife attack, along with the adaptation of that defense that he currently teaches, and to explain the reasons behind the adaptation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a DEMONSTRATION, not a tutorial. As Matt explains, you can not properly learn a technique by watching a video. This is simply to give you an idea of what the defenses look like, and how they work. For more information on Matt, visit his training center website. For more on the Krav Maga organization that Matt is affiliated with, visit

CCP Podcast Episode #3 – 1960s Special Forces

In this episode, I talk with Orlando, an Army Special Forces veteran who served in Vietnam in 1964, as well as in Operation Powerpack against the Communist forces of Che Guevarra in the Dominican Republic in 1965. Topics Discussed…

Shooting Low?

Have you ever carefully lined your sights up on the bullseye, smoothly pressed the trigger, and watched a hole appear right under the spot you were aiming at? You’re not alone. I tend to have this problem a lot. After…