An Open Letter To Inauguration Day Protesters

Dear Inauguration Day Protesters,

It’s nice to see you exercising your rights to free speech and free assembly. I hope that it gives you a sense of fellowship and accomplishment.

Call me a cynic, but I am fairly certain that your efforts will do exactly zero to influence public policy. You see, your problem is not President Donald Trump any more than your ideological opposites’ problem was President Barack Obama. Your problem – our problem – is not any one person in public office, but the amount of power wielded by all those in public office.

If the election of Donald Trump has done anything, it seems to have awakened you to the fact that America no longer enjoys the Rule of Law. They don’t teach it properly in schools, so let me explain: the Rule of Law doesn’t just mean that the same laws apply to everyone, it means that the authority of our rulers is restricted by laws.

As you can plainly see, that doesn’t apply anymore. Not only do those in public office exempt themselves from rules that they don’t like (for example, restrictions on insider trading), but as Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated, there are NO real restrictions on their power. The career politicians know that they are supposed to act as though they operate under some limits for the sake of PR, but it’s just that: an act.

Donald Trump, being a different kind of showman, acts differently. He, perhaps alone in Washington, reveals the naked truth of power, and for that he deserves our thanks. Like Dorian Gray, he has pulled back the curtain, and let us all see how hideous our idols truly are.

There used to be something called the “separation of powers” in government. The idea was that one set of people would make the laws (legislative branch), another set would execute the laws (executive branch), and yet another set would determine whether the laws were fair and just (judicial branch). But ask yourself: does that apply to the IRS? The DEA? The ATF? All those acronym agencies make rules, enforce rules, and then punish people for breaking the rules. All with no separation of powers whatsoever.

Of course there are still Federal courts, but did you know that the conviction rate in Federal court is actually over 90%? Unsurprisingly, when it’s the government vs. the people, the government decides that it’s right, more than 9 times out of 10.

Do you remember the US Constitution? An old piece of paper with a bunch of fancy handwriting on it? It’s the document that was intended to set up the Rule of Law in America. To make this country different from the aristocracies and dictatorships that preceded it. To ensure that our people would never have to be afraid of the people in public office.

If Trump scares you, please understand that your fear is focused in the wrong direction. The problem is not Trump. The problem is how much power he has, how much power the unelected bureaucrats in their nameless agencies and departments have … and how little power we, the people have.

Our freedom has been stolen from us, so gradually that most of you didn’t even realize it had happened until you woke up one day, afraid of your President.

You have been asking for the government to do this for you and do that for you, for so long that you didn’t even realize you were becoming incapable of doing things for yourself. As a result, we, as a society, have grown dependent on government.

Unfortunately, when you are dependent on someone, they have power over you. When someone has power over you, they can do whatever they want to you. So, really, you’re right to be afraid.

If you’re afraid of the man in power, the problem is not the man, it’s the power.

The answer is not protest marches. The answer is to become less dependent.

So, today, Inauguration Day 2017, after you’re finished marching, take a moment to think about how much power the government has over you. Think about the US Constitution, and how limits on government might actually be a great idea. Think about how dependent you are on the government, and how that makes you vulnerable.

Think about what it would look like if you declared your own independence. Think about making this Inauguration Day your Independence Day.


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